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How Australian Lawyers getting hurt as a result of COVID-19 shutdowns

Australian Lawyers getting hurt as a result of Covid-19 shutdowns. Digital Disruption leading them back

How To Win Every Argument. Every time.

Do Stay calm.Use facts as evidence for your position.Ask questions.Use logic.Appeal to higher values.Listen carefully.Be

What Is The Difference Between Collaborative Law and Collaborative Mediation?

A most important difference between collaborative mediation and collaborative law is how lawyers participate and

What’s The Lighthouse Project effect in Brisbane, Australia 2021?

The Lighthouse Project came into effect in the Brisbane Registry of the Family and Federal

Are You Considering Marriage Separation Process in Australia?

Marriage Separation Process in Australia or in your family. What does it mean for you?

How Australia Introduced ‘No Fault Divorce’ — And Why Our Family Law System is Under Review Again

For decades, if you wanted a divorce in Australia, you had to prove your spouse

5 Best Suggestions for co-parenting during COVID-19 in Australia

Today we brought five suggestions for you on “co-parenting Australia”. The Australian Government restrictions are